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Welcome to Last Cast Guide service owned and operated by USCG Captain Chad Green. Well known and avid angler and avid tournament angler with a wealth of fishing knowledge and over 20 years of experience. Smith Mountain Lake, Va. is one of the best fisheries in the state and offers great fishing year around. This is your source whether you are just starting out or want to learn techniques for a specific time of year. 


Last Cast Guide Service


The Finest Fishing Experience

I will strive to locate fish for you to catch and guide you throughout the day to teach and or show you techniques to make you a better fisherman

Marble Surface

A Unique Adventure

There is more to fishing than just casting a lure out there to catch a fish. From many years of experience I analyze fish migrations and seasonal patterns from year to year. As you are on your trip with me I will share this knowledge and teach you about the species we are targeting and how weather patterns affect predator fish and the baitfish they feed on. 



I use all artificial techniques for Bass, Stripers, and Crappie. Depending on the time of year we could be fishing in depths of 2 to 40 plus feet of water. Bait casting tackle is my preferred choice of tackle, but will utilize spinning tackle when applicable. 


Bass- Techniques

crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jerk baits, jigs, soft plastics, top water, Alabama rigs most fishing is done in the daytime but i will do night fishing upon request in the warm months. 3-35ft depths

Striper Techniques

Jerk baits, Soft plastic jigs, Alabama rigs, top water, spoons, bucktails 5-60ft depths. Best times are early morning and evening and night fishing in warmer months upon request

Crappie Techniques

small soft plastic jigs, in depths of 8-40ft depending on the time of year and all fishing is during the daytime


Reel Fishing

Bass - Anytime of year is good but the colder months are best when searching for a trophy fish

Stripers - Most of the year you can catch these nomadic fish species, colder months are the best time to pursue a trophy fish as well

Crappie - Can be caught just about anytime of year and i use mostly artificial lures 

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